Difficulties Faced in Essay Writing

Do you know how difficult it may be to develop ideas for an essay? Writing an essay is quite the task; a blank sheet of paper and endless deliberation over what to write and how are two of life’s most aggravating experiences. If you are writing a narrative, argumentative, descriptive, or comparative essay, here are some challenges you may encounter during the process.


Inability to formulate a topic: Students often struggle with developing a powerful thesis statement that is easy to follow and grasp. While writing the essay, you may run into the same issue. However, you may quickly develop a well-defined and excellent thesis statement if you do some practice and explore ideas of thesis statements.


Lack of evidence: If you struggle to create an essay, it is vital to include adequate evidence to back up your claims. Another common blunder students make is failing to back up their claims with sufficient evidence. For example, even if your essay is on kid obesity, you should be able to show where this issue is most prevalent. As a result, you should also know what precautions may be performed.


Use ambiguous language: Consider what you want to address very carefully before writing the introduction. For example, if you’re writing a thesis on childhood obesity, you may begin by defining obesity and discussing its history. Then, in the last phrase of your essay, you may present your thesis statement and explain what you want to address in your paper and why it is essential to the reader.


A lack of understanding of the audience: Who are you trying to reach? Writing an essay for someone you don’t know might be a challenge if you don’t know them. For instance, when it comes to childhood obesity, parents who are concerned about their children’s weight would appreciate a document like this since it offers concrete advice on how to help their overweight children. It will be challenging to maintain a high writing standard throughout your paper if you are unclear about your intended audience.

Lack of relevant citations: What happens if there are no references in an essay? Your instructor may question its validity and relevance, which may hurt the quality of the following paper that you write. Therefore, it is recommended that you include as many references and citations as possible throughout your writing. However, if you’re writing an essay from scratch, you don’t need to include references or citations because you’re using your own words and ideas.


Poor structure: Sentences with poor structure and ambiguous wording are the most often seen errors in written communication. It would be best to format your essay to be easy to read and comprehend. Make sure every line in your writing is relevant to the subject and significant to the intended audience before you begin writing.


Omission of concluding statement: A well-written paper must have an introduction and a conclusion. The introduction, the body, and the conclusion are the three main sections of your essay. Unfortunately, many students fail to include a concluding paragraph in their essays, which is a critical part of the writing process. In place of going through these difficulties, assignment writing help provides the quality essay you desire. Grademiners are one of the most reliable writing services.


Finally, some people face roadblocks in essay writing because of fear, specifically, fear of failure. To be successful in anything, you must be willing to accept failure as a part of the learning process. As a result, sit back, relax, and focus only on what you’re writing. There’s no use in getting down or tensing up since it won’t get you anywhere. The essay may be a source of stress and anxiety for you, leading to failure.

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