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Blooket is a fun way to teach and learn. It is easy to start making more of like this. Do you want to play a solo game in blooket? This tutorial is for you.

Here is a step bu step guide on how to play a solo game in Blooket:

Step 1:

Search for a set of questions or create your own set of questions.  Here we select “historical figures”

Discover Sets List

Step 2:

Select Solo Mode

Now click on “solo”

Step 3:

Select a Game Mode in Blooket

Now select a game mode. Currently, there are seven game modes. These are tower defense 2, monster brawl, tower defense, café, factory, crazy kingdom, and tower of doom. Lets select tower defense 2.

Step 4:

Tower Defense 2 Game Mode

It will lead to a new window. Click on “New Game”

Step 5:

Choose a Save Slot

Now choose a save slot.

Step 6:

Choose a Map

Choose a map

Step 7:

Choose a Difficulty

The game will start. Now you can play.

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