How to Hack Blooket

If you want to get blooks, banners, and titles on Blooket you need to get coins. These coins are called blooket currency. Usually, you need to compete in and win quizzes to earn tokens.

Here is a hack that will get you 500 tokens and 500 daily XP.

github com 05konz

1) Open any browser and go to

2) Now click on Blooket-cheats, and open cheats folder

Blooket Cheats

3) Go to global and then getDailyRewards.js and copy the whole code

4) Now head back to your blooket account, sign in and go to

5) Now click ctrl+shift+j to open console and then paste the whole code in console and click Enter.

This process will add the tokens immediately. To double check that it worked, you can go to market to see your newly claimed tokens.


Method 2 Using Github:

Here is another method to hack blooket using Github cheat codes. However, note that this may result in a ban.

  • Use any browser and go to

Blooket hack topic

  • Find and copy the code you’re looking for
  • Log in to your account at blooket com
  • Open internet browser console from the game room. For example, you can use chrome
  • Paste the code into the console and type “Javascript”
  • Paste the code and press enter.
  • Click “Ok” in the pop up. Your hack is now active for this session

Method 3 Using Glixzzy’s GitHub:

Open Glixzzy’s GitHub and head into GitHub

Glixzzy Blooket Hacks

You can see different options that do different things

Glixzzy Blooket Hacks Global

  • Add Tokens
  • Bypass Random Name
  • Get All Blooks in Game
  • Get Every Answer Correct
  • Sell Dupe Blooks
  • Spam Open Boxes

Open any of the files and copy content.

Now head over to your account and log to your blooket account and game room.

Press Ctrl+Shift+J keys and open the browser console

Now paste the content in the console

If it does not work for some reason, clear the console and type JavaScript: followed by pasting the contents.

Use Chrome Extension

Blooket Hacker Extension

Created by Llama Dev, this Chrome extension aids in your Blooket game victory!

By observing you play, this hacker picks up the jargon and intervenes when it can. It makes the button click automatically in an attempt to speed up the game and give you the advantage.

Blooket Hacker Extension Feature

Additionally, the plugin allows you to preview every unlocked book and decide which ones you like!

How to Hack Blooket on Chromebook with Github?

You can use the above-given methods on the Chromebook. These methods can get you coins. However, it is recommended to stay on the safe side as it may result in the account being banned.


We don’t recommend using Instead of using potentially harmful methods on blooket.  Instead, consider these alternative ways to make a positive impact with Blooket:

  • Use the game as a learning tool: Create your own question sets based on educational topics and play with friends or classmates to test your knowledge and have fun while learning.
  • Organize Blooket tournaments or challenges: Set up friendly competitions with specific goals, like raising funds for charity or encouraging learning in a particular subject.
  • Become a content creator: Generate engaging Blooket question sets or create videos highlighting the educational value of the game.

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