What Does ATP Mean in Texting and Social Media

What Does ATP stand for in Texting and Social Media? This Article is about the use of atp slang on social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat and others.

We all are addicted to social media. We spend almost 12 to 16 hours on our phones daily. We all want to update our social media instantly. We want to look cool and social media makes that easy for us.  With perfect use of language and slang, we ace every social media platform. This generation is obsessed with social media that one hash tag or trend goes viral in seconds.

Every social media application has few words or abbreviations that make it unique from others. Users of said applications know them and sometimes it is easy for them to use them effectively. In the past a lot of slangs get viral like lol, brb, etc. Recently a new slang came into the market and it is getting fame and rage for all the good reasons.

What Does ATP Mean in Texting and Social Media?

For science people, this slang is very different. But for social media users, it meant a whole different story. In the world of social media especially SnapChat and TikTok , ATP means “Answer the Phone”. 

This term is used when a user wants someone to answer their call or ask them to join them in a group conversation. It is also used in the event of an emergency. For example, someone wants your help or they need you to answer them as soon as possible.

Phone Icon
On TikTok, ATP means “Answer the Phone”


Tiktok is another famous and most used application among youngsters. They make unique videos to promote their talent and content. This new slang ATP is getting rage in TikTok users as well. They are posting interesting videos using this hash tag.

In careful calculations, #ATP gets almost 124 million views recently. Videos that include funny skits, lip-syncing, and everything on the application. If you are an Instagram or Facebook user, ATP is used for answering the calls. It seems this hash tag takes all the social media platforms by storm. If you check Urban Dictionary, ATP stands for At this point. But if you saw it on any social media, it mostly terms as answer the phone.


If you look at the trend, it is evident that social media language and slangs are almost everyone’s jam these days. They feel relevant by using them frequently. It gave out the idea of missing out if someone is ignorant or does not use it. This is a very alarming yet disturbing situation for youngsters.


It will not make something easy but cause everyone’s life miserable. ATP is a cool and interesting slang for sure. It shows the urge and need of answering the phone. Also, it seems cool and trendy as well. Becoming a viral trend these days is the biggest dream for any youngster. ATP, BRB, ISTG, LMAO, etc type slang gave a bright chance for them to get viral on all social media platforms.

But with time every generation and fashion has to change and adapt accordingly. This slang and hashtags help new influencers to get more followers and reach. A good promotion with a trendy abbreviation is s bonus for all the young social media personnel. So if you use ATP in your text or posts, this is a golden opportunity to get more views and followers.

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