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Proven Techniques to Skyrocket Your Video Engagement on Instagram

Instagram is a video-sharing platform that was released 13 years ago and is currently available in 32 languages. At present, approx. 2.4 billion users are active on the platform and this has led to Instagram being ranked number 4 in the social media world.

On Instagram, a view is counted when someone watches a video for 3 seconds or more. Watching a video on repeat will also count as a new view every time. If you are a creator on Instagram, you might be wondering how you can increase views on your videos. Views bring in engagement, so gaining more views on your reels is a must. This article will focus on some 10 proven techniques that will skyrocket Instagram views on your reels. This article will also help in skyrocketing engagement on your videos.

10 Proven Techniques to Skyrocket Your Video Engagement

Optimize Your Profile

The first thing a user notices when they check out your Instagram page is your cover photo. For your cover photo, choose an image that appeals to your audience visually. The cover photo should represent what your account is all about. You can also overlay your cover picture with some relevant keywords. These keywords should be eye-catching.

Start Your Videos with a Bang

Start GIF

Think of yourself as an audience for a second. What will entice you to watch a reel completely? The first few seconds of any content matter a lot when it comes to determining the success of that content. A reel must stand out in the crowd to catch more views. You can create such reels by using a teaser of what the audience can expect from the video. Another approach that you can use is to create your content in the form of a story so that the audience is engaged till the end. This method will keep them engaged as they would be curious to know the end of the story.

Shoot Vertically

  1. Vertical Video vs Horizontal Video
    Vertical vs Horizontal Vertical on Left





Instagram is mostly used by audiences on their mobile phones. And since Instagram works in vertical mode, it is advised to shoot videos in the same format. Shooting in portrait mode makes it more suitable for mobile viewing than landscape mode. The Instagram algorithm also prefers vertical content, so always shoot your videos vertically.

Use Templates

  1. Instagram Reels Interface Template
    Instagram Reels Interface Template, Source: Freepik










If you are wondering what template to use for your reels, you can simply choose from a pre-made Instagram reels template. These are ready-made layouts that you can use to create content to increase views. Choose a reel template and all your chosen video content will be instantly converted into an eye-catching reel. Plus, you will be getting a trending audio track that is timed perfectly with your reel. These templates make your work easy and quick and give you a polished and refined result.

Eye-Catching Captions

  1. Captions for Instagram
    Clever Captions for Instagram. Source: Pinterest








You might wonder why to waste time creating captions when Instagram is all about video content. But here is why you are wrong. Captions provide context to your viewers and inform them what the video is about. Captions make your video easy to search for and also your audience can interact with you if your captions are witty. Just make sure that the captions are not lengthy because the audience will not waste their time reading captions.

Utilize Hashtags

  1. Best General Instagram Hashtags
    Best General Instagram Hashtags, Source: Pinterest

As everyone already knows, hashtags are one of the most important tools on Instagram. Hashtags increase your content’s reach and keep your audience engaged. It is advised to use a combination of popular and niche hashtags related to your content. Get creative with hashtags and see how your content ranks at the top in search history. This will lead to more views on your videos. You can use a tool like picuki to view trending hashtags on Instagram.

Sharing is Important

  1. Instagram Story Idea Sky Sunset
    Instagram Story Idea Sky Sunset, Source: Pinterest

Reels are not the only place where you can share your video content. You can also use stories to widen the reach of your reels. Stories are visible for 24 hours to your audience and hence there are very high chances that your content will not be missed. Add some fun stickers and text to make your stories quirky.

Use Trends

Almost every social media platform favors creators who are aware of the trend. Whether it be using trending audio or editing tools, you need to be a step forward from your competitors. This will help in boosting views and engagement on your video content. You can also choose trending videos and transition effects in your reels.

Utilize Call-to-Action

  1. Call to Actions for Instagram
    Call to Actions for Instagram, Source: Pinterest

A compelling CTA in your reels is a must if you are looking to boost engagement on your videos. A CTA should be normally placed at the end of a video. Your CTA can include links to purchase the product or you can also share affiliate links. You can also ask your audience to like and share your reels. Announce at the start of the reel that you have a surprise for the viewer at the end of the video. This will keep them hooked to your reels till the end. A strong call to action will increase views on your videos.

Posting Schedule

Even if you are following all the above steps and have yet to curate a schedule for your content, all your hard work will be in vain. On Instagram, consistency plays an important role in keeping your audience engaged. You can experiment with different posting timings to find out when your audience is most active. Or you can look for an automatic tool to schedule your posts. Neither go overboard with your posts nor make them scarce. Find a list of some of the best social media posting and scheduling tools.

In conclusion, creating great content on Instagram is the first step. Your content needs to garner views to keep your audience engaged. So, we hope that the above-mentioned steps can help you in gaining more views on your Instagram videos. These steps will also ensure that your audience is engaged with your content. Here is to hoping that this article was a good read and will help in your Instagram’s success journey.

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