6 Ways You Can Enhance Your Learning Management System for Effective Results

6 Ways You Can Enhance Your Learning Management System for Effective Results

A learning management system can help students and employees stay in touch, update new information, and keep track of the semester or term. Learning management systems are popular in large corporations that have many departments. 

It can also benefit a single course as well as the whole program. Many students are often unaware of the benefits that they can get from a learning management system. 

They do not have the guidelines for using the learning management system. As a coordinator or teacher, you need to conduct a session for teaching your employees or students all the tips and tricks. You can do the following to improve the interaction in the LMS.

Point System

Make a point system or streak system on your learning management system. The system can be as easy as generating a streak by logging in daily. The engagement in the LMS platform will increase due to these reward-based systems.

You can also set a prize or gift for the person who has the highest stake or point count at the end of the year or semester. 

Add Extensions

Add helpful extensions to your learning management system to make the tasks smoother and more stimulating for your employees and students. You can add PowerPoint, personalization options, course tracker, homework sheets, or quiz maker.

 All these options will enhance the experience of your learning management system and add a plagiarism checker, survey submission sites, meeting generators, and other fun and productive extensions for your facility. 

Assign Surprise Tasks

If you want your employees and students to work hard and be competitive, you can introduce reward-based tasks. A teacher can give surprise quizzes and assignments with a time limit. And an Office Coordinator can assign small work tasks that will ultimately promote someone for a bonus.

These surprise tasks will help make your students and employees active in the learning management system, and they will be able to keep track of their grades or points. They will voluntarily check their profile daily through this activity. It can also help make a unity in the class.

Make Aesthetically Pleasing

Humans are unconsciously attracted to all the beautiful things. If you want to appeal to your employees and students towards the learning management system, you need to work on the aesthetic element of the site. 

Make a color scheme that represents your institute or company. Add graphic illustrations to signify different functions of the learning management system. If there are any buttons on your LMS or Course headings, make them unique with the help of typography and visual symbols.

Use contrasting colors for your LMS page and upload high-resolution images for course descriptions.

Update Before Activity

The Learning management system is beneficial for keeping track of the activities and tasks of the whole term or semester. All the courses must have a day-to-day description or activity description boxes. 

Most Coordinators update the daily activity after the day, but the most efficient way to update the course or task’s status is before the day has started.

Make an expectations column in your daily description and update the column with internal or external links for references. This act will allow your employees and students to set their expectations for the day.

 Make the description chatty and enjoyable for the readers. This way, the employees and students will not stress about the daily tasks and open the learning management system daily for preparation.

Turn On Notifications

To encourage your employees or students to open the learning management system, you need to have the option for push notifications. Push notifications help the employees to keep an eye on the LMS for any new activities and tasks. 

In a nutshell, you have to customize the LMS for your employees and students according to their nature to get more interaction.


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