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Are you struggling with limited storage space on your phone but still want to enjoy Instagram? Look no further than Instagram Lite! This light version of the popular app offers a solution for those who prioritize saving space over having all the latest features. We have come up with this post to guide you more about this.

What is Instagram Lite?

What does come to your mind when you hear “Instagram Lite”? You can think of Instagram Lite as a “light” version of the original app. It focuses on core functionalities like sharing photos and videos, viewing stories, and interacting with friends’ content. With a download size significantly smaller than the standard app (around 3MB compared to 30MB), it’s ideal for freeing up valuable storage space on your device. If you are facing storage issue on your phone, you can use this app.

Pros and Cons of Instagram Lite


  • Saves Storage Space: The biggest advantage of Instagram Lite is its minimal footprint on your phone. This makes it perfect for older devices or those with limited storage.
  • Uses Less Mobile Data: Instagram Lite is designed to be data-efficient, making it a good choice for users with restricted data plans or unreliable internet connections.
  • Focuses on Core Features: If you mainly use Instagram for basic photo and video sharing, commenting, and liking, Instagram Lite offers everything you need without the clutter of additional features.


  • Limited Features: While Instagram Lite covers the essentials, it lacks some of the bells and whistles of the full app. You won’t be able to create Reels, use fancy stickers in stories, or view in-app advertisements.
  • Android Only: Currently, Instagram Lite is exclusive to Android devices. iOS users will have to stick with the standard Instagram app for now.

Who Should Use Instagram Lite?

  • Users with limited phone storage space
  • Users on slow or limited data plans
  • Users who only need basic Instagram functionalities (sharing photos/videos, commenting, liking)

How to Get Started with Instagram Lite?

If you’re an Android user interested in trying Instagram Lite, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

FAQS about Instagram Lite

What is difference between Instagram and Instagram Lite?
The fat-free version of Instagram is called Lite. An application for photos that is “light” (with less space usage than the regular version) that works with photos, movies, stories, reels, and other media. If you use Instagram frequently and your phone is getting low on capacity, this format for the social media app can come in handy.
Is there any Instagram Lite?

Yes, Instagram Lite is a streamlined and compact version of Instagram developed by Meta. Instagram Lite makes it simpler to get closer to the people and things you love by operating better on slower networks, using less mobile data, and taking up less phone storage.

Is it OK to use Instagram Lite?
Instagram Lite is made to be small and light, taking up less storage space on your device and using less data and battery life. Because of this, Instagram Lite is perfect for users with low storage or slow internet.
Is Instagram Lite faster than Instagram?
Yes, it is faster than Instagram as it takes less space.
Does Instagram Lite have DM?
Yes, it has DM feature. The option to access the DM section is present in the top-right corner of the app.
Does Instagram Lite consume a lot of data?
Yes, it consumes less amount of data as it is specifically designed to consume less mobile data.


Instagram Lite offers a compelling option for those who prioritize saving space and data while still enjoying the core features of Instagram. If you’re a casual user who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles, Instagram Lite is a great way to stay connected without sacrificing precious storage space on your phone.

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