Full-Spectrum vs. Broad-Spectrum CBD Tinctures in 2024

Full-Spectrum vs. Broad-Spectrum CBD Tinctures in 2022

There is a great debate among the CBD community over which is better: broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum CBD tinctures. While each camp has its diehard boosters, there is more that these two types of tinctures have in common than separates them. But, if choosing between the two options is proving difficult for you, have no fear, you’ve come to the right place.


As you read on you will find out more about each type of tincture and the pros and cons each has. In addition, we will recommend a few tinctures that we think are the best in their respective class. And finally, we will compare the two options in hopes of helping you find out which type of CBD tincture is right for you.


The Benefits and Downsides of Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Some users swear by full-spectrum CBD tinctures. Companies claim that the minute amount of THC that can be present in these products creates no mind-altering effects. In fact, many say that the tiny amount of THC that is present only works to strengthen the calming and restorative properties that CBD naturally provides through the use of the “entourage effect.” We will look at these aspects further below:


Pros of Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures:

  • Uses Entourage Effect: A full-spectrum formula makes full use of the entourage effect, which is when any number of a series of cannabinoids works in concert to achieve a greater effect.


  • Minimal processing: Depending on what method is used, extensive processing is required in order to remove THC from other CBD products, full-spectrum products can avoid much of this additional engineering, which some claim makes it a more natural and purer product.


Cons of Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures:

  • Trace amounts of THC can be present: Products in this category can have up to 0.03% THC in their formulations, which may possibly show up in drug screenings. It may also impact whether certain CBD oil products are legal in your locality or not.


  • Not available in all localities: Because low levels of THC can be present in full-spectrum products, their legality in certain jurisdictions may come into question. For example, in the U.S.A., federal regulations accept full-spectrum products as long as they stay within the legal limit of >0.03% THC and are derived from hemp plants, whereas in Italy the limit is higher at 0.06%. Knowing your local regulations is important in figuring out if full-spectrum products are right for you.


Our Picks for Best Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture

When it comes to full-spectrum CBD tinctures, there is a wide array of choices on the marketplace, which makes narrowing our picks down to just two tinctures all the more difficult.


Joy Organics – Fresh Lime: Organic Full Spectrum Tincture with THC

As it states in this tincture’s title, THC is very much an integral part of this CBD product from Joy Organics. And because this tincture keeps the full spectrum of cannabidiols, it can take full advantage of the entourage effect, while still being low enough in overall THC content to avoid any unwanted psychoactive effects. Of course, the famous quality that Joy Organics is known for is omnipresent as well in this USDA-certified organic CBD tincture that uses only the highest quality ingredients and is tested for safety and potency by 3rd party labs.


Why we recommend it: With its fresh lime flavoring, this tincture is a joy to use on its own or mixed into food and beverage. We also like that this tincture comes in a variety of strengths for dosing that can be tailored to each user’s needs.


Kanibi-Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

Kanibi uses hemp that is organically grown in Kentucky and is minimally processed to provide a truly pure CBD experience. This tincture is available in a variety of flavors including peppermint, lemon-lime, chocolate-mint, cinnamon, unflavored, and Skittles.


Why we recommend it: This tincture comes highly recommended due to its simple formula that includes all-natural ingredients. Additionally, each product is double tested for purity and potency.


The Benefits and Downsides of Broad-Spectrum CBD Tinctures

The process of creating a high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD tincture differs little from that of its full-spectrum brethren, except in that the latter strips out THC as a part of its formulation. The process for doing this can differ from 


Pros of Broad-Spectrum CBD Tinctures:

  • It’s THC-free: The clearest advantage that broad-spectrum CBD formulas will hold is their ability to provide a product that is THC-free—which is vitally important for users who may be screened for THC due to work or other responsibilities.
  • Manufactured by trustworthy brands: Broad-spectrum CBD products are produced by some of the most reputation-conscious companies in the CBD industry—such as Joy Organics which we’ve highlighted tinctures from below. This means that you can be certain that you are getting a high-quality product from a company that genuinely cares about its customers’ CBD experience.


Cons of Broad-Spectrum CBD Tinctures: 

  • Potentially more costly: The extra processes that are required to remove THC from these tinctures can add additional costs that are passed on to the consumer, this is especially true for those that use higher-end procedures such as CO2 or centrifugal extraction methods.
  • Can be harder to find locally: Thanks to the convenience of online shopping, finding broad-spectrum CBD products has become much easier as of late. Yet, finding your preferred brand locally can sometimes be difficult, which is why buying directly from the manufacturer is often the easiest and cheapest option.


Our Picks for Best Broad-Spectrum CBD Tincture

As we stated earlier, there are a plethora of high-quality broad-spectrum CBD tinctures to choose from, the two we highlight below are just a couple of our favorites.


Joy Organics – Tranquil Mint: Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture

This broad-spectrum CBD tincture is another offering from Joy Organics and is a great option for those that are looking for a product that promotes calmness, provides natural stress relief, or can help relieve restlessness as a sleep aid. 


Why we recommend it: Besides being pleasant, the subtle mint flavor provides additional properties that work with the CBD that is present to strengthen the tincture’s healthful effects. It also makes this tincture ideal for mixing with one’s morning coffee or tea.


Sunday Scaries – CBD Oil Tincture

This tincture from Sunday Scaries is formulated to help provide mental relief from a variety of stressful or anxiety-producing situations such as long plane rides or insomnia. 


Why we recommend it: While not as economical as other CBD oils, it should be noted that this is a maximum strength product, which means each dose contains 30mg of CBD (or 500mg total per bottle). So, while not ideal for users who are new to CBD, this product may be ideal for those that are looking for a more potent tincture.


Broad-Spectrum or Full-Spectrum Tinctures: Help Choosing Between the Two

So, now that we know more about the two most popular CBD formulations, it is time to pick which one might be right for you. And while the answer will differ based on each user’s unique needs, by asking yourself the following questions you will hopefully find a product that works for you.


  • Is trace amounts of THC a potential issue? If even minuscule amounts of THC may be a problem for you, for whatever reason, it is probably best to avoid full-spectrum products and go for a broad-spectrum formulation.

  • How important is purity in your CBD products? Some claim that the full-spectrum formulation is purer when compared to broad-spectrum products. And while this can be true, in general, it is possible to find high-quality, organic products with pure CBD in both categories.


  • Which style works best with your body chemistry? Besides any possible legal issues, this is by far the most important aspect to consider, and one that we won’t be able to answer for you. The best way to find which spectrum is best for you is to sample products from both (if possible) and go with whatever you find suits your needs—as it will come down largely to personal preference.

We’re Always Here to Help!

All things considered, the difference between full-spectrum vs broad-spectrum CBD products is smaller than many would have you believe. In the end, it comes down to what is available and legal near you, along with figuring out which works for you and your body. In this way, choosing a high-quality brand that they can trust is seen as more important to many than what specific formulation they gravitate towards. 


Is there an aspect of broad-spectrum or full-spectrum tinctures you think we missed? Are you looking for more advice on choosing which type of tincture is right for you? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts today! As always, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about different CBD formulas and thank you for reading!

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