Advertising Trends To Get Ahead Of In 2022

Every year, we discover groundbreaking trends that set the tone for the future of advertising. 2024 is no exception to that. In fact, according to the experts, the advertising trends in 2024 are expected to be some of the most disruptive in history.

Numerous new and interesting innovations are taking place that will significantly impact the way we connect with our audience. To assist you in digesting and navigating the year ahead, we are enlisting some of the prominent advertising trends below:


Personalization will have a strong influence in 2024. Instead of blanket content that attempts to appeal to as many consumers as possible, establishing targeted advertising that caters to your targeted demographic will yield more ROI. However, that’s not enough. You also have to ensure that your audience receives the advertisement at the optimal time and location. That is where data comes in handy.

Luckily, unlike in the past, collecting customer data is not as difficult anymore. You can acquire valuable insights into your audience by collecting information via website visits, email exchanges, and social media engagements. Make no mistake, communicating customer data to all the team members could be a challenging task. So you are better off relying on an expert like someone who has an MBA in marketing and relevant industry experience. Since more and more individuals are getting enrolled in an online marketing MBA program, finding a qualified candidate has become a lot easier.

Video Advertising

Video advertising remains the most effective marketing channel today. It should not come to you as any surprise because videos have been popular since the dawn of television. The proliferation of computers, the internet, and mobile devices has only fuelled video advertising. Several well-documented studies suggest that it is likely to be one of the most dominating trends over the next five years.

Nowadays, there are countless venues for video advertisements. While YouTube is a go-to platform, advertisers are also capitalising on social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for their video marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

Businesses use emails to nurture quality leads and eventually boost their sales. Despite the out-of-proportion growth of social media in recent years, it is reported that email is 40 times more effective at obtaining new clients than Twitter and Facebook. With that said, putting together a random copy will have little to no impact on receivers. So if you want to make the most of your email marketing, we would recommend you use the following tactics:

  • Share information about your new products: By informing both new and returning consumers about your latest products, you may increase traffic to your website and convince visitors to buy more. If you receive products on a particular day of the week, consider sending a weekly email highlighting your latest offerings. That way, your subscribers will always look forward to receiving an email from you.
  • Keep your subject lines short and crisp: A vast majority of email receivers read emails based on the subject line. It sums up the importance of the subject line. Typically, email subject lines between six to ten words have the highest open rate.
  • Show your brand’s human side: When you send emails with a single click, you run the risk of sounding overly robotic, which is the last thing you should do to engage modern-day customers. So rather than simply copy-pasting a template from an automated machine, add a personal touch to your copy.


Advertisements on Podcasts

With the surge in popularity of podcasts over the last decade, advertisers now have a plethora of chances to reach a broad customer base. Advertisers on podcasts are frequently referred to as ‘sponsors’ because they enable podcasters to stay in business. The podcast host often provides an ad read multiple times on each episode as compensation for the sponsorship.

The biggest upside of podcast advertising is that the audience has a high level of trust in the person reading the message. The majority of listeners are aware that the podcaster will not promote products or services that are inappropriate for their audience.


Brochures are informative booklets about your business. They are typically delivered in person at meetings, events, or any public gathering. This distribution strategy enables you to target individuals who you believe would be interested in your products and services.

Since brochures are distributed by hand, they are cost-effective, and the personal touch of receiving something in person means that even before consumers read the brochure, they already have a basic understanding of what you sell.

Consider the example of something as simple as a takeaway menu dispatched through your door shortly before you decide where to eat; this is incredibly targeted because you know the restaurant is within your delivery radius. For events, brochures serve as a tangible element of promotion that is distributed only to individuals who have been qualified via dialogue.

Influencer Marketing

Find influencers on top social media channels and invite them to write stellar reviews about your products or services. The positive feedback from a renowned social media personality will blow up your sales to a great degree.

It bears worth mentioning that all influencers are not equal. Therefore, you should dive into these criteria before officially connecting with an influencer:

  • Relevance: The first and most fundamental thing to consider when determining how to identify the ideal influencer for your brand is relevance. Make sure that the influencer you hire is savvy about your industry. Remember, the term “industry” is a broad classification. You must narrow it down to the unique characteristics of your brand.
  • Engagement: Engagement rate reflects how strongly the audience connects with an influencer’s content. In other words, engagement demonstrates whether or not the audience is genuinely interested in what influencers post.
  • Previous campaigns: In all likelihood, you would like to approach an influencer because of their performance in a campaign. While you might have noticed a particular project, it would be wise to  look at their past influencer marketing projects. They will give you a clearer picture of their skills and expertise.

Wrapping Up

You can readily come across entrepreneurs who failed despite launching excellent products and offering top-notch services. It happens when businesses fail to stay on top of advertising. Well, the good news is that you can optimize your advertising efforts in 2024 by leveraging the advertising trends listed above.

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