7 Creative Media Services and Apps That Athletes Will Find Useful

7 Creative Media Services and Apps That Athletes Will Find Useful

As of 2021, over a million apps are available for download online. These apps offer a wide range of entertainment, learning, and self-promotion services. There’s an app for almost anything you want.


Creative media services help one to develop, promote and market themselves. As an athlete in today’s world, being talented is not enough. There are many hidden gems that the world is yet to discover, and if you are looking to cut above the majority, you’ll have to get yourself out there. Creative media services will help you achieve this goal.


The traditional scouting days are silently fading away. Scouts no longer spend the entirety of their time traveling and watching games. From their phones, they can access over a thousand athletes in minutes. Today we’ll look at some of the best creative media services and apps that athletes will find useful. It must also be noted that using creative media services is not limited to athletes only, they can also be used by sports bettors. Many apps and media services can be helpful to track the scores of football, tennis, and other sports. Some of these services will also provide you with sports betting tips that will help you in winning your bets. For instance, people who desire to win from sports betting have a chance to get professional tips and predictions that will help win their bets from This website will provide you with sports analysis, betting tips, predictions, head-to-head statistics, among other sports betting indexes which will aid you in winning more bets.


Thanks to expert tipsters like Kate Richardson, placing the right sports bets and winning shouldn’t be a difficult task any longer.


Creative Media Services and Apps That Athletes Will Find Useful

Even popular sports brands still use some of these creative media services and apps. As an athlete, you’ll find them very useful in your journey to becoming the next star.


  • Unsplash

Unsplash is truly one of the internet’s true beauties. They are the biggest source of copyright-free stock images on the internet. The site comprises millions of high-quality images uploaded by visual contributors across the globe. Absolutely free to use.


Unsplash can be very good in creating backgrounds for your work templates and websites. Aesthetics is a very important aspect of creative media, and Unsplash provides that for you, for free too.

  • Planable

A goal without a plan is just a wish. No matter how big your dreams as an athlete might be, you are going nowhere without proper planning. Planable takes away the stress of having to plan multiple schedules and social media posts by organizing things for you in a simple manner.


In hours, you can easily plan your schedule for a week, month, and even a year. It also offers a platform for athletes to create social media campaigns and show themselves to the world.


They have a free plan that gives you access to all the features to crown things off. This is incredible because most media services like Planable usually come with a price.


  • Linktree

Spending time on the internet involves opening several links and gaining access to different websites and profiles. Sometimes, it gets really difficult to keep up with these links, and if care is not taken, you might end up losing some important ones. Also, sending people multiple links can be stressful, and most people end up ignoring them.


Linktree is another internet gem solving this problem by providing a platform that allows you access to all your links using a single link.

Sending someone your Linktree link can give them access to all your links. You can also organize them and check their performances. It is one of the must-have athlete services.


  • Veed

As an athlete, the importance of videos cannot be underestimated. After all, Arat Hosseini is currently enjoying life at the Liverpool Academy thanks to videos showcasing his soccer skills going viral. The 8-year-old wunderkind has gathered millions of followers and sponsors since his videos went viral.


But even with that said, video creation and editing can be a daunting task for nonprofessionals. is making video editing simple and fast. You can easily use features like adding text, cropping, managing color profiles, and adding music to your videos.


They give your video the sense of professionalism it deserves and put you one step closer to achieving your dreams. So if you are wondering what apps athletes use to create some of the amazing videos you see online, is the answer.


  • MyCujoo

This app is mainly for soccer athletes that want to build or already have a fanbase. MyCujoo offers you the ability to create live streams for your soccer matches. People from anywhere in the world can sign up and watch your games for free.


It also provides highlights and statistics that you can share on social media platforms to keep watchers updated. This is one of those media services that scouting agents use to find soccer stars.


  • Brand24

Feedback is vital in the search for growth. You must know how people are reacting to you if you want to make it big as an athlete. Brand24 gives you an insight into the level you are currently at.


Are people talking about you on social media? How many people are watching your videos? These are some of the questions that Brand24 answers. It is one of those athlete services that lets you know when you are making progress and how to further improve where you are lacking.


  • Kickly

This list won’t be complete without mentioning the great Kickly. Have you ever wondered what apps athletes use to create the kick-ass designs and templates you see on their pictures? Well, Kickly is surely one of them.


The app grants you access to incredible pre-designed templates for scores, matchday, stats, lineups, and much more. You can make yourself look like a star by using Kickly and guess the best part? It’s totally free. It takes only a few minutes to sign up, and then you can have access to all the features.


The Bottom Line

The competition is fiercer than ever, and as athletes, you must use everything at your disposal to get yourself out there. This includes the use of the several free creative media services and apps available. They help you ensure that your talent and hard work are showcased to the world.

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