14 Best Instagram Analytics Tools (Free & Paid)

Best Instagram Analytics Tools (Free & Paid)

Today is the era of social media. Many brands and influencers are heavily dependent on these platforms. Among all social media platforms, Instagram is the most famous and fast growing application of all time. It helps you to see and evaluate the product, location, or service. A few years back there was no concept of social media handlers. But now it is one of the highest-paid spots.

To grow your product or business on Instagram you have to use external sources. Since Instagram does not have its own analytic and growth tools. Many free-of-cost tools are available on the internet now. They are fast and effective. Users can see the engagement and growth of their account. They can plan the next strategy accordingly.

A precise tool can guide your target audience. The brands you should engage with your product. Perfect adds that can boost your post and pictures. These tools can help to grow your account as well as your business. Now we will discuss free but worth using tools that can guide your Instagram business to new horizons.


One of the famous and prominent marketing tools is HypeAuditor. The main quality of this tool is, it has millions of Instagram accounts and you can easily put your data and run tests. This app offers free Instagram analytics for an unlimited period. The official site says that they are offering a free trial for a limited time. So for influencers or brands having a tight budget. This is the best free app you can find to grow your account.

HypeAuditor has many features but few are worth mentioning. They show the audience analytics. The quality of audience, their demographic status, type of viewers, etc. It can also tell whether the audience is real or fraud. It can detect automatically generated accounts as well. Along with these this app can tell the routine and flow of the audience in which direction. It has a basic and limited number of features but for beginners and small-scale businesses, this app can help a lot.

CrowdFire (Just Unfollow)

In free apps for Instagram analytics, Crowdfire has a special place. Crowdfire can function on three social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Since it works on multiple apps, you can get the analytics of three different dimensions. You can use the free subscription plan for a lifetime. It provides you with limited yet practical tools for your audience and account. One drawback is you can review the statistics for the previous day only. Data older than a day will delete on its own.

The main highlights of CrowdFire are they offer social, advanced, post, and competitor analysis.  By using this app, you can analyze the audience region-wise as well as you can target the exact audience for your business. Along with that, it will give you insights into each Instagram post in detail. It can also help you to customize the report and its engagement. It will give you post insights in each aspect. The competitors can also be analyzed using this app. It will help you to identify the strategy at hand.

Union Metrics

Another multi-application tool for analyzing growth is called Union Metrics. It shows free Instagram insights, along this app works for Facebook and Twitter as well. A complete and detailed analytical view of Instagram’s posts can help to build your audience. This application is unique in the way that it is designed to help professional marketers as well. Small businesses, as well as established influencers, can use this to take a look at their progress in detail.

This app will tell you the perfect trending hashtags to write in your post. It will also tell the strategies of close competitors. It will also indicate the marketing trend of your posts. Another prominent feature is, this tool tells the best time to post and engage as many people as you can. Demographic and top post-analysis will help to work in weak areas. It will highlight the said product demand in the most common areas.

Iconosquare (Statigram)

One of the oldest and best free Instagram analytics apps is Iconosquare. It was formally known as statigram. It handles not only Instagram but has a Facebook button as well. It combines both posts so that a more diverse audience can reach your product. This free-of-cost application works on desktop setups. It tells the posts that get the most likes, most views, audience preferences, and much more. History of posts and their impact are also recorded by this. If you pay a nominal fee then it allows you to use its special feature of conducting contests and promotions. By such small events, more and more audiences will engage in your content.


If you are new and have zero experience with the product and its marketing. When your superiors ask for a comprehensive report about progress, this application will come in handy. A Free Instagram analyzer named Simplymeasured can send you two months’ detailed reports about your account.

The only thing it works on is the account having more than 25000 followers. Then their data report would be accurate and trustable. All the analytical features are completely free. It also indicates the most desired location for posts, most viewed and liked photos, best time for posting and engagement, etc. For a tool that is completely free, this is probably the most useful tool so far.


This mobile application available on both Android and Apple products is also useful in analyzing data to some extent. It basically as its name indicates, tells the flow of the audience visiting the profile. It can be downloaded easily from the apple store or google store without paying a single penny.

It tells the new followers, the followers who do not follow back, etc. It also tracks the unfollowers and their trend. With this, you can handle the flow of followers and their respective trends. This app is by far the most convenient to use. Mostly new influencers and small business holders use this to see the flow of their followers.


Another tool that provides free Instagram reports most accurately is Combin. This simple and elegant tool tells all the basic and important information about your account. You can use this to boost your Instagram account as well as other social media platforms. The best part of this application is, it can handle 15 accounts at a time.

Simplest to use and free of cost, it is the best deal one can ever get. it gives all the necessary details about the target audience, their growth rate, most engaging posts, etc.

The only disadvantage you can say is it will charge after 15 accounts. It costs 5 dollars an account after the allowed limit. You can pay 15$ and 30$ a month for personal and professional accounts respectively to get more features for your content.

Instagram Insights

A small feature Instagram provides for its business account holders is Instagram insights. For any business account, you can check the audience engagement and its growth by tapping one button. Another amazing feature is it provides all the necessary information like online followers, their most viewed posts, messages, their flow of interest, etc.

You can use this feature for free. Yes, you heard it right; Instagram provides this feature for absolutely free. They offer this feature for business accounts only. It helps small businesses a lot. Influencers who interact with their followers know the exact demand of their audience by using this.


This application is not free but it offers a money-back guarantee. This tool can only be used on Instagram and by paying 49$ a month it can provide the best of your account in minutes. The interface of this tool is easy and user-friendly. Any new user can use this for growing its business and account.

If you want to gain more followers and engage more audiences, this tool is the best. If you are sensing that this tool is not up to the mark. It offers 14 days money-back guarantee. They will provide a full refund at your doorstep. Along with this, it is one of the prominent tools that tell the exact growth and engagement score of any account.


Again the paid but extremely reasonable tool is available for business account holders. For a business having 25 or fewer employees, it charges only 9.99$ a month. Finding the growth rate of an account or searching for the best hashtag, this application is best. It gives the full detailed reports of your account with suggestions and tips.

For larger businesses and entrepreneurs it charges 799.99$ a month. It became very expensive but then it came with full fledge features and services with it.


Another Instagram-friendly tool available in the market is called pixlee. It gives the weekly report of your account. All the insights and low points of your account can be analyzed through this. It also monitors the workflow of the account. It can also tell the latest trends through analyzing the reports and posts.

The best part is yet to come. It is free of cost. Yes, this amazing user-friendly tool that helps you to grow your business is free. For all the new business startups and kids who want to grow their ventures in days. This tool will work like a charm. It is definitely one of the most talked-about applications among new shining business kids; they use it to get insights into their newly launched business in order to avoid any loss.


Squarelovin is another name that promises to help you to get the best results for your account. It gives you accurate insights into your posts and their engagement. They tell the best hashtag that is trendy yet chic to use. They help you to post at the perfect time that more and more people could see your content.

This application helps its user without charging any money. All you have to do is create a business account and voila, you are good to go. You can use all the features of this tool on its official site. If you analyze all the free tools you get on the internet, Squarlovin is most useful in all of them. They offer more features than the rest of its nemesis.

Wolf Global

Another application that tells the industry trends and your standing in the market is known as Wolf Global. This tool is used by professionals and it helps to know where exactly are you standing in the race. It has all the essential information about your functioning and by using that, it compares you with your competitors. Keeping in view all the marketing trends and routines, it will send you the ultimate report of your position in the marketplace.

This most amazing Instagram tool is free for all Instagram users. Since today is the world where Instagram helps you to get more profit than a conventional business. This free tool is a most to boost your earnings.


Another useful and prominent name in the world of Instagram analytics is TrendHero. It will tell you the whole insight story with useful suggestions and tips. It might ask for a trial period, after that they ask you to pay a nominal fee to use its features. Bu for any account that has 10k or fewer followers, it offers its services for free. So for a new startup, it is a steal deal.

It will gives you all the details about your target audience, their location, best time to get more likes, trendy whereabouts and whatnot. It will give you the flow of likes, the production efficiency, and the complete report about efficiency. It will rate the overall quality of your account. So for a lot of small enterprises, trendhero can be a game changer in the marketing world. It will provide new dimensions to your business.

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