How Major Companies use Internet Sites as a Clever Marketing Strategy

How Major Companies use Internet Sites as a Clever Marketing Strategy

In recent years, technological developments and modern inventions have had many advantages for those seeking to expand their business. The high number of internet users means that a large demographic can be targeted by simply marketing via the internet alone. If done successfully, businesses can wield the internet as a tool to expand their audience and their brand awareness among consumers.


Firstly, internet sites have helped transformed many industries by giving them a platform to market their business and gauge a particular demographic and audience. In fact, around 6/10 customers expect brands to have content online about their business. In this way, with a website, businesses are able to solidify and establish an online presence with tools in place to both respond to customers and acquire new ones outside of the regular working hours. This often means that the customer can inquire about the company without having to physically go to the location of the business establishment. This factor of convenience and accessibility is attractive to most consumers. Furthermore, having an online presence is not only necessary for communication between clients and their customers, but it is also a way for businesses to inject a creative flair into their company. There are many creative media applications that presents businesses and individuals with the opportunity to add promotional videos or graphic designs that will appeal even more to customers who are viewing their content on a virtual platform.


In this light, there are many businesses that have utilized the internet to their advantage. Airbnb which is an online marketplace that organizes and offers lodging and a place to stay had an exponential growth with its acquisition of digital marketing. Airbnb was able to use the internet and social media as a means of providing customers with a convenient and hassle free method of booking a place to stay without the need to make phone call. As a result, this company was able to gain a huge following due to its increased exposure and social media presence. Airbnb is constantly active on all of their social media platforms to answer any queries that customers have.


Moreover, a big reason for Airbnb’s popularity in recent years can be attributed to their website which is where customers are able to seamlessly book accommodation. The layout and arrangement of the page is not only creative but also simple to use. There is also information attached to each property that a customer is looking at as well as the option to apply filters to your search which means that a customer can look for accommodation based on their price range, preferred location etc.


Another company which has gained significant attention due to its online presence is Dominos which is the most well known pizza chain in the world. Dominos ventured into the field of digital marketing with its creation of an app for iOS devices. The app became well known on iPhones and iPads for its many uses and options. A large part of the success of Dominos online presence has been the company’s ability to take on board the feedback of customers and applying it. It has become the first pizza company to have an online tracker and voice ordering app where customers of this business can witness what stage their pizza is at in terms of being ready for collection in real time.


In addition, there are many factors that businesses should keep in mind if they are attempting to use the internet to their advantage. Firstly, they should consider what web hosting service they should use. Businesses should opt for a web hosting service that is credible with a strong reputation. It is important to pick a service provider that can adapt to your business needs rapidly and efficiently. This means that if your business goes through any changes, it can be quickly communicated on your website. You will also need to choose a CMS platform to publish your content, invite new consumers, constantly update your website. WordPress is a popular open-source CMS platform which works with businesses to forge and adapt your website according to your company’s needs.




Furthermore, it is worth noting that online sites are not simply used for promoting business ventures. They can also be used for entertainment and gaming as well as a method of playing online casino games. Indeed, in recent years fans of land-based casinos have begun to take their custom to online casino platforms as they have realized they can download advanced poker software instead of physically hauling themselves to their local casino. Virtual casinos are an excellent and accessible way of playing your favorite casino games on the go with an uncapped amount of games to choose from. They also usually give customers lucrative sign up bonuses when they register with an online casino website.


In conclusion, whilst business may use website and digital marketing campaigns in very different ways, establishing an online presence is incredibly beneficial for the success of a business. Not only does a successful online presence increase brand awareness for every company, but it also makes a business stand out from other companies that have not yet moved their business onto an online sphere. Having a well-designed, brand establishing website is vital to growing sales and expanding your business.

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