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Best SEO Agencies in Birmingham

Looking for the best SEO agencies in Birmingham? Read this review of top SEO companies in the area.

In this digital era, a thorough search for the best SEO Company in Birmingham for ranking up your company is a must!

Digital marketers believe that business needs the support of SEO. You can call it the backbone of today’s life business marketing. A startup or a business in Birmingham looking up to introduce their company to local SEO are supposed to know a few facts.

Many new companies are not well aware of the importance of SEO consultants in Birmingham. If we talk about the scope of SEO for business, it won’t be wrong that it displays what a customer is looking for.

Most of the experts believed that a website would probably struggle to get traffic without SEO. It’s could be a matter of surviving for them in the fast era of technology. Without customers acknowledging a business, there is a chance that your services or products won’t be used or purchased. And, ultimately your online platform might go in the trash. Pretty hurtful, right?

Startups often hesitate while investing in SEO. However, there are a few amazing SEO agencies in Birmingham that are made for you. You can call them your “Customized SEO agency”.

But here comes the facts…

According to the Search Engine Land, 51% of traffic on websites are determined by organic traffic which is driven by SEO. SEO-driven strategies can be credited more than Paid-per-Click (PPC) which is responsible for only 10% traffic, while social media contributes little with 5%.

Want to know more benefits?

So, let us introduce you to the best SEO companies in Birmingham which will let you cherish all these benefits:

  • Odyssey New Media

  • Odyssey New Media Logo

Situated in central Birmingham, Odyssey Nee Media are known to be a leading Digital Marketing Agency. It was established back in 2010, and with their extensive experience, they know well what to do for you.

They tailor an exclusive strategy to use the best digital marketing and media channels for your business. A wide range of services is offered by Odyssey to give a boost to your business’s revenue and ROI.

The Odyssey team is capable of:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): The unparalleled services of SEO by Odyssey have made them land in the Clutch 2021 list. They know which keywords are supposed to be targeted. They hit where it should be and the company gets their desired rank in the search engine.
  • PPC (Paid Search and Placement Advertising): Odyssey guarantees your messages will reach your target audience at the right time.
  • Social Media Management, Training and Optimization: This company incorporate on and offline correspondences across various social companies to attract all of their stakeholders.
  • Conversion Enhancement Services: the company has gained expertise in conversion services.
  • Website Design and Website Development: For your established business or start-up, this company assist organizations with projecting vision and developing websites under the umbrella of SEO and Social platforms.
  • Mobile Website Design and Mobile Applications: The scope of mobile search and optimisation is expanding. People are more prone to explore the website on their phones, so companies should guarantee that their website has a mobile-friendly version. And let us tell you. Odyssey won’t disappoint you in this service.



A talented team of marketing has joined their hands and have established Space. They take pride in their professional team. Opace claims that,

“To understand what makes our digital agency unique requires understanding the layers of expertise that exists within our team.”

The top tier team are based on outstanding SEO and digital marketing expertise. the middle tier has its creative specialities in quality content creation and design. The last tier has its position in the company as it is comprised of the bench of tinkering techies who loves art. They ponder how they can innovate with open source eCommerce, web design and development.

The services and tools used by Opace are:

  • WEB DESIGN- WordPress and Joomla websites built to convert
  • eCommerce- Powerful Magento and Woo Commerce eCommerce solutions
  • SEO- Keyword-led SEO and PPC services that deliver results
  • SOCIAL MEDIA- Social media marketing services designed to engage

There are a few features that are not welcomed by many companies however, Opace takes care of them. You might not be a fan of jargon, neither do Opace, They make sure that proposals made by the company are easy to understand and result-driven. They believe in non-complexed regular jargon-free reports.

What you can’t resist are their cost-effectiveness and ethical solutions. The company has smart and affordable solutions to deliver profitable results. The company works smartly yet ethically to make their clients 100% satisfied with their services.

Above all, you can consider them the dedicated team of Birmingham marketing agency professionals!


  • Wirefox Digital Agency:

  • Wirefox Agency

Having Clutch, Awwwards, and CSS Design awards under its sleeve makes Wirefox stand in the Birmingham market. It is a leading digital web design company which is striving to deliver quality web design and digital marketing services to its clients for years. They have made a network in different cities including Coventry, Kenilworth, Warwick, Solihull, Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Wirefox provides an impressive, functional, and user-friendly website which are loved by the customers and generate tons of profit. Don’t think that their digital services just appear good, they perform well and outclass your profits as well.

This Birmingham based digital agency has made its mark in:

Web Design delivers a high-performing website and turns visitors into customers. They offer affordable results-driven Social Media strategies across all platforms and this is the reason people love their Social media marketing. Followed by the King of digital marketing, SEO by Firefox. The company has the reputation of having the latest industry knowledge and result-oriented practices to help businesses. Their track record and portfolio will make you trust them a bit more.

For your personal and business, Wirefox has a team for managing your online reputation. Outdoor Advertising of wirefox is a complete bundle of media planning and advertising solutions including digital billboards, bus advertising and so much more. Don’t forget that Wirefox has made a good reputation in offering e-commerce and Google trusted photography services.

  • Global Search Marketing

  • GSM Logo

Starting back in 2014, Global Search marketing has remained successful in establishing Premier Google Partner and winning a huge collection of prestigious industry awards and glowing recognition, from Google themselves to trusted industry bodies such as Brighton SEO.

The company has an excellent team of PPC and SEO experts who operate across a range of businesses including well-known household names and businesses. The portfolio of Global Search marketing has famous brands. The company takes pride in their services and amazing performance.

Global Search Marketing offers an amazing range of services including:

E-Commerce Solutions

The company offer a suite of solutions for your business that enables you to take advantage of our eCommerce experts. They’ll work with you to work out a bespoke strategy to help you achieve your business objectives.

Lead Generation Solutions

Looking forward to increasing the number of leads your business is creating? Their lead generation solutions are focused on delivering top-notch leads for your business through a range of digital marketing channels.

PPC Management

Global Marketing believes in the power of “Click”. They offer your company an audience to boost the number of searches with the help of their Google accredited team of PPC specialists. They can help you to generate sales, leads and engagement with PPC traffic.

SEO Management

Improve your visibility in all search engines with our SEO services. Their team of SEO specialists will work with you to improve your rankings for key terms that your audience is searching for.

Paid Social Media 

Take advantage of the stages where your audience is with paid social advertising. Granular targeting combined with unique advertising opportunities makes paid social a valuable stage for any business to use.

  • Ignite SEO

  • IgniteSEO

Before introducing them, let us amuse with their tag line:

“Is your SEO smouldering?
It’s time to reignite”

Well, this tagline has reignited our thought that creativity still exists. Ignite SEO has an easy-to-use interface that intrigues its clients in every way. Ignite SEO has been serving hundreds of companies to improve their ranking, boost revenues, and grow their businesses. The company is offering Industry Leading SEO services. Free Analysis by Ignite SEO lets you know where you stand. Don’t you think it’s helpful? The SEO consultancy of the company has changed the fate of many companies over the last decade.

Just like the wall of fame, they have their success stories displayed on “SEO Success Framework”. Their well-honed process mitigates risk and puts your website on the path to success.

We have never seen such an SEO digital agency in Birmingham that offers so many different services just under the umbrella of SEO. They are offering Enterprise SEO, Local SEO Services, National SEO, eCommerce SEO, SEO Audits, Web Design, and SEO for Dentists. We know what you are thinking. SEO for dentists is way too specific and that is what Ignite SEO do.

They offer affordable SEO services which can be customized. So just let them know what you want, and the rest will be well-catered by them.

  • Clubbish

  • Clubbish-Logo-Color

Clubbish has earned the reputation of being “The UK’s Affordable marketing consultancy for Small to Medium Businesses”. Clubbish is a Birmingham based marketing consultancy that offers Google Ads, SEO, Microsoft Ads and Facebook Ads to businesses of all sizes.

The company has the expertise in implementing retail and lead generation strategies. They let the businesses take full advantage of the digital marketing channels available. You can call Clubbish a geek of Digital marketing.

They are the trendsetters. They employ a scientific and math-based approach to cultivate profitability and improve your return on investment (ROI).

Clubbish has been announced to be among Google Premier Partner agency which makes them a trusted company among the dominant players in online advertising.

The digital marketing consultants follow a three-step process to ensure success in getting more leads and sales.

Step 1- Research and Analysis

Step 2- Marketing Block

Step 3- Google Reports

This process sounds pretty detail-oriented. Other than that the company has shown wonders in offering SEO, PPC, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube Advertising. Who won’t want to be a part of such a professional team?

  • Core Design Communications

  • Core Design Communications Ltd

The Coventry based company has entered into the market of Birmingham and this is something amazing happened to the city. Core Design communications are a full-service digital design agency, that works with businesses to help manage and improve the effectiveness of their marketing through web design, visual communication and digital marketing.

Whether it’s specifically your brand design, brochure design or general website design and digital marketing, we can help in every aspect of your marketing. As a leading digital marketing agency, the company plan to provide you with sales winning marketing services.

They believed in effective communication with their clients. Do you know what you can get here as a treat? There are pre-made templates of logos, leaflets and website design that can help you well in standing out among your competitors. In other words, you can be your designer now.

Well Well! The Core Design communication has made its mark in offering SEO services. PPC and social media marketing are the major blessings of the company.

Overall, Core design communication has extensive web designing services including Mobile Design, Custom Web Design, Responsive Web Design, WordPress Design, eCommerce Design, Brand Design, Graphic Design, and Brochure Design.


The list of SEO consultant agencies in Birmingham is vast and capturing them in this small article isn’t an easy thing. We have gathered the best among all companies which won’t disappoint you in any way. We know your business is precious and you can’t hand over the most important thing to some amateur. This list of SEO agencies will lead you towards the best companies which trust in research and creativity. They are result-driven and have multiple options for your businesses. No matter you are starting a business or want to add SEO to your enterprise, here you will find the solution you have been looking for!

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