Best eCommerce SEO Agencies in the UK

If you are running an Online Store, then we have something you need to know. Making your online store visible on engine results pages (SERPs) demands high-quality e-Commerce SEO. To stand out in the highly saturated market, you must look forward to getting it ranked. The higher the rank, the better results it will show. The higher ranks are supposed to grab more traffic and attention.

Now you must be thinking that more traffic can be achieved through paid search too. But let us tell you, “SEO costs way too less”. The addition of ad-blockers can diminish the effectiveness of paid search. You ultimately need optimization of the search. So, why not?

E-Commerce Search Engine Optimization makes your headlines advance. Improve your product descriptions, Meta, internal link structure. What’s more? It optimizes navigational structure for both search and user experience.

There are a few essential elements that seem to be static or non-product oriented. However, these components have a high impact. Those components are Homepage, about page, F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) page, Blog articles, Help center, and Contact page.

Top Ecommerce SEO Companies in The United Kingdom

Want to know what these components can do? They can drive more traffic and sale to your online store. After that, on-page SEO requires adequate attention. These e-Commerce SEO techniques are not a layman’s cup of tea. Although there are multiple how-to-setup SEO articles and tutorials are available. Yet those never identify the needs of e-commerce entrepreneurs.

For that purpose, we have enlisted the best e-commerce SEO agencies in the UK.

eBusiness UK

Located at Blackburn, eBusiness UK has a top-notch SEO Marketing agency that implements the 21-Step SEO success roadmap. It delivers consistency in high-end incremental sales, increased rankings, and targeted traffic for your business. It is known for bagging multiple awards for its result-proven services. This company was developed to offer world-class e-commerce services in the UK.


eBusiness looks forward to offering an effective SEO strategy that can lead your business towards success. Our bespoke SEO strategy means optimum results for your business. The company has developed a field-proven control and activities which is tracked by them on daily basis for every client. They call it their refined 21-Step SEO results process.

They don’t just implement the strategy but put effort till it starts giving results. They are highly specific. They offer a comprehensive and tailored SEO growth strategy according to your business. What else you are looking for?

To guarantee the success and benefits of their SEO strategies and campaigns, they have developed a system-based approach. The company looks forward to learning from its experiences and clients. This is how eBusiness UK delivers perfection.

Majorly the company is dealing with SEO strategies, but they have the expertise of Web Design and Development, and PPC (Pay per click) management. Furthermore, eBusiness UK is offering cutting edge features and robust technology for future proof eCommerce operations with Magneto 2.

With the ultimate strategic planning of ebusiness UK, SEO guesswork is eliminated. All you get is high-performing keywords and search phrases by the end of the day. The team of eBusiness is filled with enthusiastic SEO experts who use time-proven systems to explore new opportunities. They are great problem solvers and optimize incremental rankings, traffic, and sales.

Your search for finding the best eCommerce SEO consultant can be finished by connecting with eBusiness UK. They are altogether capable of managing your day-to-day SEO, delivering on KPIs, and unparalleled services. You can rely on them for high-quality services and result-driven strategies.

Genie Crawl

With five years of extensive experience in the industry, Genie Crawl is making its mark in Twickenham London. They believed in results. Genie Crawl based as a boutique Digital Marketing agency has encompassed a wide range of services. The small yet dedicated team of Genie Crawl has been working synergistically to offer the most creative solutions such as Digital Marketing, Development Services, and Branding Services.

These three categories aren’t just about their names but they can begin from Google and Local SEO services for your eCommerce store to optimum brand designing and social media marketing.

What’s the plus point? The major sector Genie Crawl has worked in is eCommerce. Their stats show the ultimate success in this sector. Furthermore, they have been showing their expertise in medical, advertising and marketing, and other sectors as well.

They have left behind the outdated methods of marketing. The company’s portfolio shows its significant style and genius strategies. UK’s top-grossing sites can be seen in the Genie Crawl’s portfolio and they are associated with them for their success and growth.


They offer cost-effective solutions, and you don’t have to pay for what you haven’t received. Pay on a month-to-month basis and enjoy hassle-free payment issues. The company is well-aware of the fact that not every company sets aside capital for digital marketing even though it offers incredible return on investment.

For this purpose, the team at Genie Crawl has crafted a range of affordable pricing which can suit every person. No matter what plan you choose, the quality can be guaranteed. You can depend on what Genie Crawl has offered. Their services and the top-notch solution won’t set you back but put you forward on the pathway of success. So what else you are looking for?

The SEO Works

This e-Commerce SEO agency can be called an overachiever. The SEO works have the significance of being multiple award-winning search marketing with outstanding results. So far, they have bagged:

  • The Drum Search Award
  • UK Digital Growth Award 2020
  • UK Search Award Winner 2020
  • Prolific North Award 2020

The company has been serving with its best E-commerce SEO consultancy in London, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, and Birmingham. As its name show, the company work in the genre of SEO. However, it has an enthusiastic marketing expert which offers high-class PPC services and Web Design.

SEOWorks Agency

The company has a reputation as a leading eCommerce SEO agency in the UK, which they have earned through delivering top-notch campaigns and strong relationships with their customers. They are providing services to both the public and private sectors. Famous companies such as, Heart Research UK, The University of Birmingham, and The University of Sheffield have put faith in The SEO Works. It can be the best match for your online store!

Gorilla Marketing

The famous digital marketing firm of Manchester, Gorilla Marketing provides all-in-one digital marketing and are serving businesses of all types. They are associated with Google Ads, Bing Ads, Trust Pilot, and Fiverr. Beginning from a small setup in 2013, it emerged to be among the large offices of the Northern Quarter of Manchester.

The mission of the company is to grow their customers and to lead them to success. For an emerging online store, Gorilla Marketing has a ton of services including:

  • Web Design
  • Paid Digital Media
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing

The team of Gorilla Marketing has unparalleled integrity. They are the Pros in their industry and always stay one step ahead of their competitors. This company shows excellence in everything they do and trust in Teamwork which brings perfection to their services. Above, the communication and accountability offered by Gorilla Marketing can make you their permanent customers.


Undoubtedly, this company leaves an impression on their customer with their exceptional work. They have earned popularity in Nottingham and London with their wide scope of services. European Search Awards 2018 announced them to be the Best Large SEO agency and that intrigues us about what Impression can offer. The list of this company’s services can impress anybody, as they have an organic search team under SEO service providers.

Impression Digital Agency employs a technical eCommerce SEO strategy to ensure that your online business gets ahead of its customers. There is a mathematical approach used in their PPC management services where they design and manage campaigns and deliver the best possible return on investment (ROI). They have made their mark with Digital PR, Content Marketing, Analytics, and CRO. They let you maintain your B2B service proposition and grow your business family.

Popular brands and companies have trusted Impression to impress their customers such as Marmalade, sass & belle, Clarins, Vaillant, Weber, and Rutland Cycling. The company believes in long-term results, apart from indulging in Quick wins tactics. The creative edge among the team of digital experts adds oomph to their work. Impression uses the best digital marketing techniques and forward-thinking approach to develop a campaign that can stand out alone as the winner.

Pixelette Technologies Ltd

The London based company, Pixelette Technologies Ltd takes pride in its certified team of experts from Google, LinkedIn and Hubspot. They claim that 80% of their team is among the 5% worldwide experts of their industry. The LinkedIn Skill Quiz can testify to their expertise and knowledge.

Pixelette technology stands out as the largest IT company which features the latest Artificial Intelligence technology and its tools. The growth rate of the company shows their capacity that they are the progressive IT solutions. Although they emphasise their IT solutions with the use of AI, yet they have won one’s spur in web development, graphic design, and digital marketing.

The Clutch’s rating has declared them to be among the top ten eCommerce SEO providing companies from the United Kingdom. In other words, they can be called the Biggest Company which is offering the best of everything. From Machine learning to Cyber Security and Blockchain, they have earned a reputation. Moreover, Pixelette Technologies Ltd is offering the epitome of quality services in:

  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Call Center Services
  • Graphic Design
  • E-Commerce Development

Pixelette Technologies can be chosen for their Certified Agency Partnership with Semrush. Moreover, they have consistent 5-star reviews which shows that they have a satisfied customer base. Their experts can never let you say No to their top-notch services, AI integrated solutions make them stand tall in the market. When you are having everything under one roof, why go anywhere else?

Flycast Media Digital Marketing

Founded in 1991 at Hertfordshire, Flycast Media is a full-service e-Commerce SEO agency that helps its clients to grab the attention of more clients with their cost-effective methods.

They have an exceptional team of professionals who have expertise in Search engine optimisation, Local SEO, Website design & development, Business Branding, Social media management, Facebook ads management, PPC management, Mobile apps development, Content marketing, Reputation management, and Video production and marketing.

Flycast Media strives to get the best results for their client and make them shine among their competitors. For the last 28 years, Flycast media has been emerging SMEs to get more leads and in increasing their ROI. They are helping their clients to grab the attention of more customers, the trust and satisfaction of customers at Flycast Media shows how well they have been treated.

For your online business, Flycast Media can come up with creative eCommerce SEO strategies which can ultimately lead you to success!

Cato Marketing

While being top-rated at Upwork and bagging awards from Clutch for Best B2B companies 2020 and Top marketing and advertising agency 2021, Cato Marketing has made its space in the highly competitive market of Burnley.

Cato Marketing is a digital agency that has expertise in ranking up its customers and leading them towards success. They employ SEO and paid Google and Bing Ads to guarantee that their clients will get the desired results. The dream of substantial incoming traffic is made a reality through Cato Marketing expert SEO solutions.

In the sector expertise, they have earned immense success by working with e-commerce stores & law firms. As Clutch rating has suggested, it can be ranked up for preferred marketing agency for online stores.

Studio 36 Digital

Studio 36 digital is situated in the heart of Blackpool and has earned the reputation of Award Winning SEO Agency. They have won the hearts of their customers with their affordable web design and SEO marketing solutions.

They let you unleash the epitome of your website’s potential with their eCommerce SEO services. They believe that great and low-cost services can together optimize a business online. Thus, if you are tight on cash then Studio 36 digital can be your choice!

NP Digital

While talking about the best SEO providing agency, how can we forget Neil Patel Digital services? Not just in London but it has a worldwide network. Beginning from Social Media Marketing, NP digital has the experts in

  • Content Marketing
  • Data, Analytics and Insights
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Paid Search marketing

Thus, Neil Patel’s knowledge and vision and his expert team can offer you the best eCommerce SEO services in the UK.

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