6 Exciting Things to Do with Your New Smartphone

Have you just recently purchased a new smartphone? Perfect. Whether it’s a brand-new iPhone or a refurbished Android, this guide is here to tell you about all the exciting things that you can do with it.

Buying a new smartphone is something that fills everyone with excitement. When you finally get your hands on it and open the box, it’s an awesome feeling.

However, most modern smartphones come jam-packed with features, meaning it can be difficult to know where to start.

Test out the camera for Instagram? Download your favorite games? Change your screensaver?

The options are endless!

Fortunately, this guide has narrowed down a list of six of the best (and most exciting) things that you should do with your smartphone before anything else.

Let’s take a look.

1.           Play Mobile Games

On your new smartphone, you should open up the default browser (on iPhone, this will be Safari, on Android, it will be Google).

After opening the browser, search for mobile games to play. You can start by trying lucky nugget casino NZ. They have a boatload of casino games for you to try, including classics like roulette and blackjack. Plus, there are some exciting bonuses available, too.

After trying some browser-based mobile games, you should then head over to the app store to download some more games. When you download games, you won’t need an internet connection to play them, which is great for the times when your internet connection isn’t very good.

2.           Connect to Your WIFI

When using your smartphone at home, it’s recommended that you use your WIFI (rather than SIM internet) for a stronger connection. Therefore, you should head over to your WIFI router, take a picture of the code, and connect your new smartphone to it.

Also, make sure to keep the picture of your code stored on your phone so that you can easily share it with friends and guests who come over to your house in the future.

3.           Update the Software

Your new smartphone might have been in its box for a while, which naturally means it won’t have the latest software update installed.

By updating the software, your new smartphone will get equipped with all the latest iOS or Android features, enabling you to maximize the experience.

4.           Change Your Camera Settings

If you’re like most people, you’ll love your smartphone cameras.

From taking selfies with friends to capturing sweet moments when you’re on holiday, life wouldn’t be the same without smartphone cameras.

However, you should make it a priority to change your camera settings so that you capture photo and video content in the highest resolution. This way, your content will be more visually pleasing (while impressing your Instagram followers).

5.           Download Social Apps

Speaking of Instagram, make sure to download all your social media apps after charging your smartphone up.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are essential for modern life. Also, if you haven’t given it a try, make sure to download TikTok, which has exploded in popularity around the world.

6.           Log in to Your Accounts

Lastly, to save yourself from future headaches, make sure to log in to all your accounts. From YouTube to mobile banking, it’s better to do everything in one sitting rather than spreading it out over the coming months. Also, make sure to change your passwords every three months for maximum security!


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