Top 6 Jobs in Computer Science

Just about every business in the world relies on computers and tech. Which means if you’ve got a passion for IT or computer science, there are plenty of opportunities awaiting when you graduate.

To give you an idea as to what types of jobs are on offer, here are the top 6 careers in computer science. Plus, there are plenty of jobs that haven’t even been invented yet, but that will be integral to the future of the digital world.

App Developer

With a Master in Computer Science, you could find yourself creating apps for a whole range of devices.

The average salary for an app developer is around $91,000 a year, so you’ll certainly be able to enjoy a high quality of life.

Those interested in app development will need to learn programming, graphic design, and user experience, as well as having strong creative thinking, communication, and writing skills.

App developer wasn’t even a real role just a decade ago. Now almost everyone uses an app or software for personal and professional life.

Any app you develop needs to be consistent and compatible on any device, which is why developers will need a high level of programming and coding ability.

You could work as a consultant or self-employed freelancer, creating apps for marketing teams or sales departments. If you work for a business, you could also work in User Experience to ensure your company’s apps are the best they can be before being rolled out.

While no additional training is required for app developers, there will be an expectation to keep up with the latest tools and trends.

Cybersecurity Analyst

In recent years, there have been significant cyberattacks on some of the largest companies in the world. This is why cybersecurity analysts are required to ensure that attacks are prevented or damage is kept to a minimum. Small companies are not safe either, as they are often seen as easier targets by hackers.

In order to work in cybersecurity analytics, you’ll need critical thinking skills that enable you to make informed decisions and practical solutions.

As a security analyst, you could be earning up to $122,000, but with a large salary comes large responsibility. You’ll need to be able to create disaster recovery plans, research cybersecurity trends and make predictions about potential threats.

You will be fully responsible for your company’s online security, which is a lot of pressure. The role is hugely methodical, so you’ll need great attention to detail and an ability to make the right decisions quickly.

Database Administrator

The average salary for a database administrator is $89,000, but you may need additional training.

Key skills needed for the role are trend prediction, analytics, problem solving, and resilience. As with any computer science career, you’ll also need key critical thinking skills.

A database administrator will be responsible for maintaining and securing confidential information. This may be via an on-premises server or through cloud computing.

If you’re particularly interested in cybersecurity, database administrator is yet another role in the field that can offer a lucrative career. But again, there will be the pressure of ensuring information is protected, even in the event of an attack or disaster.

You’ll have a keen eye for detecting weaknesses in security and know exactly how to manage encryption.

The role of a database administrator may sound a little entry-level but will actually require extensive knowledge of security breaches. It is a career to work your way up to.

IT Project Manager/Consultant

If you’re looking to be your own boss, consultancy may be something to consider.

There are good wages in IT consultancy, as just about every company in the world could do with an expert on hand.

As well as advising different people on the best IT infrastructure to use, you’ll also need to be able to design and install different software, fix small problems, and train employees on the importance of cybersecurity.

While the role isn’t particularly creative, like an app or gaming programmer, it is a lucrative and steady job. You can easily find yourself a high-paying job with regular hours and strong job security.

The average salary for an IT consultant is $88,000.

Game Designer/Developer

Of course, a popular job role for computer science graduates is game design. This type of job offers a creative outlet for tech-savvy individuals, with the chance to make something that stands the test of time. Your work could become a pop-culture reference of the future.

You’ll need storytelling, graphic design, and creative thinking skills to be a game developer, but this doesn’t mean the work is easy.

You will design and take forward new concepts that take customers on a bug free, consistent journey. This type of role combines a passion for computer science and storyboarding. The role will also require a lot of testing and trials to understand where malfunctions occur and how the customer experience develops throughout the game.

While an early coding for kids course is a clear advantage, it’s never too late for post-graduate aspirants to learn the craft and become a game designer.

Game developers can enjoy an average salary of around $65,000 – depending on where they secure their first role.

Web Developer

Web developers are needed for every industry. You may work freelance for small startups that need their first website creating or work for a massive enterprise maintaining and upgrade their e-commerce platform.

As a web developer, you’ll need more than programming and coding experience. Websites are all about how they look and how they convert clicks into sales. Therefore, you’ll also need knowledge of SEO, business acumen, user experience, and graphic design.

Websites help companies bring their brand to life, and you’ll need to find a way to make their site stand out from the crowd. Web development is a great and rewarding career, as you’ll always be able to see the finished product that you’ve helped create.

The average salary for web developers in the US is $78,000.

With so much creativity and so many lucrative jobs on offer, which profession will you choose to pursue? Whichever it is, there’s no doubting you’ll have a significant role in making the future a better (or just cooler) place.


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