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SOC Meaning: What Does SOC Stand for in Computers, Technology and Business?

SOC Meaning

What does SOC stand for? We have listed various possible meanings of abbreviation SOC in technology and business. In computing and technology most popular meaning of SOC is system on a chip. Here are other popular definitions.

SOC System-on-a-Chip

SOC System-On-Chip

SOC Service Oriented Computing

SOC Summer of Code

SOC Switch on A Chip

SOC Standard Operating Conditions

SOC Service Oversight Center Aviation

SOC System Operator Code IT Terminology

SOC Selectable Output Control

SOC School of Computing

SOC Server Operations Center Hardware

SOC Service Order Codes

SOC Silicon On Ceramic

SOC Start of Cell

SOC Stentor Operating Company

SOC Security Operation Center

SOC Stereo Optical Compressor

SOC Systems and Option Catalog

SOC System Operator Console

SOC Sequential Office Control

SOC Subnetwork Operations Controller

SOC Service Operation Center

SOC Subobject Class

SOC Specific Optimal Controller

SOC Shadows Over Camelot

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