Should You Get a Custom HR Software

You would like to have custom HR software to improve your business. Gone are the days when you need to do everything manually. The HR department used to spend a lot of time checking the absences and paid leaves of the employees among other things.

The use of HR software can help eliminate the tasks that HR has to do every day. The only question is if it would be worth it to purchase custom HR software. The Core HR software can be effective because it can be personalized to fit the current needs of the organization. The custom HR software does not have to be confusing. It has to work depending on how the company would like it to work.

Benefits of Having Custom HR Software

It is expensive to get custom HR software. This is the reason why start-ups do not want to invest in this type of software yet. Remember that customized HR software can do so much more than that. You can do the following:

  • Mapping of existing requirements can be done easily – You will know what things you need to improve the processes of your organization. The processes are automated when you input information. There is no need to make changes to the existing workflow.
  • This is efficient – The business world right now is very competitive. There is always a need to work fast so that things can be done properly. Having software will help you work on things faster. Processes that used to take a lot of time can be done within minutes.
  • Prevent Security Issues – What is one of the things that companies are scared to face? Getting their data stolen is always going to be something that will cause fear. Hacking attempts can be successful on one-size-fits-all HR software types because the hackers already know the weaknesses of these products. Having customized software can make your system a harder target.
  • Visibility and Access Controls – Some parts of the software can be accessed by certain people only. You can arrange this according to what you need. This can make the system more private.
  • Different Configurations – You can make a lot of changes to the software with just some tweaks. Unlike before wherein you would need to change the whole system to accommodate your business’ needs, you just need to make a few clicks whenever you want to. The configurations can be set depending on the current trends.

Custom HR Software Features

What can you expect when you check the different HR software features that are being offered by people? Some of these things include the following:

  1. Improved Recruitment – Certain features of the customized HR software that will help you create the best job descriptions. This can help you attract the best people for the available positions of your company. Your recruitment site can also be carefully arranged to showcase what your company can offer. The better your recruitment site, the more that employees will know what’s in store for them.
  2. Faster Onboarding – Some HR staff members dislike onboarding because it takes up so much of their time. Through onboarding with the custom HR software, it can be done faster and easier. The schedules can also be carefully arranged so that different people can be on boarded all at the same time.
  3. Employees Get Feedback – Do you know that some employees become motivated whenever they hear feedback? A lot of employees would like to get feedback from their superiors and peers so that they can improve. Employees will get to know more about their strengths and weaknesses. They may become motivated to do more for the company.
  4. Provide Advanced Reports – Companies realize how important this is when they already need it. There are going to be reports about the user activity of each employee. It will track if the employees go to work on time. It can also show if they are making the most out of their time.

How Much Does Custom HR Software Development Cost?

Why do small companies usually shy away from having custom software? It is because of the price. Some say that it will take too much of their budget. If you have some extra funds for this, it is best to try it out. It will make a lot of difference with how well you can handle your business.


Different things can affect the cost of the HR software such as the following:

  • Features of the software – The more advanced the features, the more expensive the software is going to be.
  • Type of software – Various software types are available. Some are more basic than others and would cost less than advanced software types.
  • Interface – Some are going to be more user-friendly than others. Some of the easy-to-use software types are going to cost more.


Building custom HR software can be vital to your business. It can be a good idea to get one when your business is starting to get bigger. The more employees that you have to handle, the more that you will need the right custom HR software. Remember that aside from recruiting the best employees, you also need to know how to keep them. The right custom HR software can be exactly what you need.

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