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Jackson Jones Medium

Jackson Jones was born in a small Welsh town Called Caerphilly in the year 2000.  His astrological sign is Leo with Cancer rising. Within his early years he began to show his parents that he was aware of things outside the material world.

Jackson parents are both International Mediums & Healers. His father Jeff Jones, is a world renowned Medium & Author, His mother is a psychologist by profession along with being an International Medium/Healer.

From the age of eight years old Jackson was so interested in all things spiritual, His first ever paranormal investigation was at the age of nine years old and the event was held in an old manor house called “Llancaiachfawr”.

The manor house was built in the 17th century and was approximately ten minutes from where he was living. Jackson was armed with a camera, torch along with some warm clothes and was in it for the long haul.

On this occasion Jackson managed to capture spirit orbs on his camera, so engrossed by the whole experience and what he caught on hid digital camera he knew from that very moment that this was something that was going to stay with him for the rest of his life.

From the age of sixteen Jackson wanted to understand his gift/ so he decided to find a reputable school who specialized in all aspects of the phenomena of Mediumship. Jackson decided to join The Academy of Excellence which is based in Stockholm Sweden.

The Academy offers a serious education within all aspects of mediumship and theory, after three years Jackson obtained a certificate of recognition which allows him to work as a professional Spiritual Medium/Practitioner.

Jackson Jones International Psychic Medium

At the age of 16 Jackson did his first public demonstration of mediumship which was held at Marholmen Stockholm, this was the beginning of Jacksons professional career as an International Psychic Medium. Jackson has gone on to become well-known public figure.

Jackson continues working on an international platform and out of his busy schedule he finds time to help many charities to raise money for good causes along with finding the inspiration to work on new projects which is in the pipeline.

Very quickly Jackson was receiving a lot of attention and within a short amount time he has gained a substantial following on various social media sites such as Instagram, Google and Facebook.

Jackson during his young years has helped so many people around the world through his remarkable gifts of Mediumship and Healing. He has brought so much healing to those who consult him. Jackson provides evidential mediumship which proves without any shadow of doubt that there is no death.

Jackson passes on messages from loved ones who have crossed over into the Spirit World. Jackson was very blessed as well as privileged, to be born into such a mediumistic family.


Jackson holds many diplomas and has received neuromas awards by an accredited teaching organization known as The Academy of Excellence which continues to be his place of development/study.

The Academy of Excellence is a non-religious teaching organization which is based in Sweden, Germany and Italy. Jacksons father, Jeff Jones is the founder of The Academy Excellence and teaches many students from around the world who are inspired to take their own paths into becoming successful Mediums/Practitioners.

Table Phenomena
Table Phenomena

Understanding the sensitivity of children seeing “spirit” Jackson has gone on to become the voice for young people and he receives an enormous number of calls from family’s with “hyper sensitive” children, whereby the parents firstly do not believe that their child is seeing “dead people” also known as the spirit world. Secondly, they don’t even know where to begin with this so this aspect of Jacksons work is very important because he brings a lot of support, understanding and healing to those families.

Journey through the Covid Pandemic

Although a global pandemic took place and prevented Jackson from travelling around the world he began to adapt to the circumstances, with this in mind Jackson opened his own spiritual centre which is based in the heart of his home town Wales.

This has become the “hub” for everything including his own radio station which is called “Spiritual Airwaves radio Wales”. Distance was no longer an issue as Jackson continues to provide the same professional services via zoom, skype, etc…

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  1. Jeff Jones 3 months ago

    Hello Jackson,
    You are an extraordinary young man with so much talent. I am very proud on what you have accomplished at this young age and the world is at your feet. Your mediumship/Healing is beginning to shine its powerful light into the hearts of so many people around the world. Keep focussed on what your true calling is! Your work as a Spiritual Practitioner/Medium is to be in service to God the great Spirit & humanity.

    There are still so many other aspects of your Mediumship untapped and ready to grow! My advice is, continue to sit and develop the deeper aspects of you Trance mediumship & Trance Healing. The world is ready for the the “true mediums” to shine their light upon the darkness of what is taking place within our spiritual movement as a whole.

    I am proud to call you my son and as I reflect upon the bigger picture, Both mam and myself can truly understand why God sent you to us! Keep up your great work and keep your feet safely on the ground.

    Yours truly your loving father. Jeff Jones.

  2. Andrea Thomas 3 months ago

    What an amazing young man with an extraordinary gift!!! I had a reading with him six months ago and the evidence of my mother who passed was breathtaking!! Jackson will go far in the future and I hope to see him on television one day

    Wish you all the best young man you will help so many people with your extraordinary gifts
    What a remarkable medium

  3. Susan Robson 2 months ago

    I really enjoyed reading about how you’ve achieved such a high level of understanding following the path u were meant to be on, I loved the part where you were only 9 years old and you went to the old Manor House with your camera and followed your instincts 🙏🌈I also admire your work with the young people who are seeing spirit and needing an explanation, role model, guiding light or just someone to help their parents realise their children are not making it up or going crackers 🤣well done young man knowing there’s a spirit world for us to go home to when we depart this life gives us all a comfort just knowing we meet up again with our loved ones 🙏🤣your work is so important but I think you already know that🥰

  4. Sabrina Karl 2 months ago

    Dear Jackson,
    It is such a joy for me to see your spiritual gift growing. You are such a talented young man offering so much healing for the world and I am very proud of you and blessed to be a friend of your wonderful family. You have a marvellous path in front of you and I am always here to support you.
    You did a fantastic job with this webpage and I can’t wait to read more.
    Keep up your wonderful work.
    Your friend,

  5. Cerys Baulch 2 months ago

    Amazing at what you do, talented & such a kind person. Well done Jackson 👏 ❤️
    My reading was amazing, bang on with everything. Keep doing what you do you are amazing 🙏

  6. Craig Jarvis 2 months ago

    Jackson you are truly inspirational to others both within mediumship and those outside of this field.
    I follow your journey looking fir inspiration and you do inspire. Reading the above I only wish I’d read this when I started my mediumship. It would have pointed me in the tight directions. Found there was a place to study, with others like me. To work within a group of others like me. Yo know I could gain a qualification in this field. My church open circle was the start, but then you are left, with often no guidance. Where to look, where to go, what to do next. There is a right way to follow.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us. Craig Jarvis

  7. Katie louise 1 month ago

    I just want to say to Jackson thank you so much for our session!!!! I have waited six years to have communication with my father

    I have been to several mediums over the last few years and none of them could bring my father through!!!

    I have waiting for a very long time to be reunited with my dad and tonight Jackson finally made that happen thank you thank you thank you 🙏

    His name his personality the age was all there and the description of my father was breath taking

    I just want to say wow young man you really have a bright future ahead of you!!! Please keep up the good work and god bless you!

    I will definitely be back in the future

  8. Sarah casser 7 days ago

    I visited Jackson last Monday on 13/08/21. I went to connect with my late brother who passed but instead my two nans and and ex partner Simon West came through!

    I was totally amazed because I’ve Been to many psychics/mediums before and none of them were as accurate and evidential as Jackson was!I was seriously shocked with the accuracy, it actually scared me with everything that he knew about my past present an future as well as my family who have passed!

    All the times I have been to see psychics and mediums they have been very fraudulent to me and told me horrible things which put me off for a very long time but I was so lucky to find Jackson who is so true is amazinf at what he does!

    I never met him before an i never lived within the area an I ain’t Welsh! I am from a foreign country but Jackson was so correct about both of my nans age, personality character their appearance and even there death of how they died

    I received a lot of great guidance from my family and friends who came through and Jackson has helped me so much!
    I cannot thank him enough!

    Jackson is an absolutely genuine medium and he was patient as I was crying nonstop but he made sure I was very calm and relaxed throughout the time I had with him!

    I wanted to record him as ppl won’t believe but he didn’t allow me because it’s his rules but instead I’ve taken a picture with him to prove I have had a session with him!

    The accuracy was unbelievable seriously unbelievable I never met anyone like Jackson!!!

    I’m so pleased that my ex partner/friend Simon West came through and my both nans

    Jackson you are amazing!!!!
    I will be back soon god bless you young man

  9. Liam Huwett 7 days ago

    I had a very accurate and factual reading from Jackson, he was spot on with the detail of how both my grand parents passed, the messages from my grandmother and grandfather were touching and very personal to me. Jackson is very professional at what he does and I left the reading feeling very positive. I have already referred him to friends of mine.

    He talked about a lot that has went on in my passed, he touched on a few things that were important.

    Thanks again Jackson!

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