How to Add Subscribe Button to Your YouTube Videos

How to Add Subscribe Button to Your YouTube Videos

Get rid of ‘Subscribe to Our Channel’ annotations and unwanted links for channel subscription by using a YouTube subscriber button. Adding a YouTube watermark subscribe button can increase the number of subscribers of your channel.

Simply follow the steps given below and learn how to add a subscriber button to your YouTube videos.

Procedure for Adding a YouTube Subscribe Button to Videos:

·         Sign in to your YouTube studio account.

·         Go to settings from the left menu

·         Select channel and then branding

·         Now select choose image and choose a button of your choice. You can use any of the free buttons provided on many websites like freepik.

·         Select the display time for the branding watermark. You can select the end of the video, custom start time, or entire video.

·         After you have followed all the steps, your viewers will see a subscriber button to subscribe with a single click.

How to Encourage Your Viewers to Hit Subscribe Button?

  • The first step in encouraging users is to ask them to subscribe. After you have applied the button, ask them to click that subscriber button. Ask Your Viewers to Subscribe
  • Make your banner completing and eye-catching.
  • Follow a schedule to post videos consistently. It will keep your viewers engaged.
  • Adding a subscribe button is one of the most effective ways to get more subscribers on YouTube.


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