Can AI Write Essays Better Than You

Today, in many areas of science and social life, automated machines perform tasks that previously only humans were able to perform. This is what led to the creation of artificial intelligence (AI) and further stimulates its development and improvement. Automated machines, which are endowed with artificial intelligence, can relieve a person from routine activity. Their goal is to improve human life.

Thus, systems based on artificial intelligence are increasingly used in technology. For example, these are cars endowed with artificial intelligence, or, for example, robots involved in production. AI computers are widely used in the field of writing. They speed up the text editing process, detect errors and inaccuracies in the content, establish authorship, etc. However, any system has not only advantages but also disadvantages. Realizing this, many students seek support from the experts of the best essay writing service EssayAssistant rather than AI computers since believe that machines cannot replace human work. But is it really so?

In this article, we want to consider the issue “Can AI computers write essays better than you?” in more detail.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is an integral part of computer science. It creates the scientific and technical prerequisites for solving information processing problems that were previously associated mainly with human abilities. Thus, the idea of ​​artificial intelligence is to ensure the ability of automatic systems to model high-level mental processes inherent in man. These include thinking, judgment, language, pattern recognition, learning, emotions, creativity, etc.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society

Artificial intelligence influences different spheres of life and activities of people, in particular:

  • Impact on the economy. Artificial intelligence significantly improves the efficiency of the global economy;
  • Impact on politics. The introduction of artificial intelligence and analytical technologies makes it possible to analyze a person’s political preferences and check how trustworthy candidates are;
  • Impact on mobility. Artificial intelligence improves mobility. AI-driven autonomous robotic cars are predicted to eradicate human errors, which are the leading cause of road accidents;
  • Impact on medicine. Enhanced cognitive abilities enable intelligent agents to make specialized medical advice and diagnose diseases that would otherwise require detection and cross-validation through a large number of medical observations;
  • Impact on protection and security. Artificial intelligence software has the potential to improve global security as well as reduce risks for companies by helping to detect cyber-attacks and terrorist activities;
  • Impact on environmental protection. Artificial intelligence can help solve the greatest environmental challenges of our century.

AI and The Writing Process

AI text writing focuses on the content created by the machine. This includes articles, essays, blog posts, etc. The AI content generator can create different forms of paper. The text is based on user-defined criteria, allowing the created content to be focused and relevant.

The general idea is to allow users to create unique texts for different purposes. Various tools and programs have been created for this purpose. Here are some ways to use AI in your persuasive essay writing:

  • Reasonable proofreading. Almost all software developers include tools that help when writing papers. Some functions are programmed to detect spelling and grammatical errors and correct them;
  • Plagiarism check. Plagiarism of the text is easy to detect today with the help of AI systems and a reliable plagiarism checker;
  • Content evaluation. There are AI tools that use an evaluation system to check the quality of content;
  • Fast scanning. Artificial intelligence algorithms provide writers with short summaries of long texts, thus saving time spent writing papers.

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Original Writing?

With the growing popularity of AI writing, there are concerns about whether computers can replace human writing. According to professional online essay writers, although AI speeds up and simplifies the writing process, it is unlikely to be able to replace a person. Everyone is unique, has their own style of writing, tone, and skills that can never be reproduced with the help of computer code or algorithms.

Thus, if you encounter difficulties in the writing process, you can use various AI programs and tools. But it is still better to turn to qualified experts who will write essays for you, observing the established requirements.

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