Best Non-Fungible Tokens to Acquire This Year!

Best Non-Fungible Tokens

Tokens come in a wide variety of forms in the cryptocurrency industry. But not all tokens are made equally. Some things are more expensive than others, but others are more useful. To learn more about top nft revolution and their benefits, read this article.

Best Non-Fungible Tokens to Acquire This Year!


Silks are at the top of the list of anticipated NFTs projects due to their idea of connecting the public to the excitement of thoroughbred horse racing ownership through mixed-reality technology and Web 3.0 gamification.

These innovative P2E gaming mechanics allows you to own these NFTS, get awards, exchange them, and engage with a range of in-game NFTs, mirroring the thoroughbred horse racing industry and virtual racehorses that match actual thoroughbreds.

As their Silks Horse’s real-world equivalent wins races or sires progeny, the players may receive in-game token incentives. Silk’s first non-fungible token will be the Silks Avatars, which will symbolize each player’s unique identity and go on sale in mid-2022.



Moonbirds is a collection of ten thousand avatars with membership access and other benefits for long-term holders. One can ‘lock’ and ‘nest’ NFTs from the convenience of their wallet. Once ‘nested,’ incentives are accumulated, and nests can be upgraded to higher tiers. As the tier increases, the drops and awards improve.


One can access exclusive Moonbird-related drops, Parliament meets, IRL events, and ongoing PROOF projects here. It also encompasses the PROOF metaverse, currently known as Project Highrise. The earnings from the selling of Moonbirds are used to construct the metaverse.



An Azuki NFT represents the owner’s or user’s identity by creating a community-run brand for the metaverse. There are around 10,000 Azuki NFTs, and the collection is offered at a minimum price of 23 ETH.


Azuki aims to pave the road for an entirely new media genre that the world has yet to discover by utilizing the blockchain paradigm of ownership and community creation.

Azuki’s latest items, such as Bobu, the Bean Farmer, are likewise recognized as pushing the envelope. Bobu, the Bean Farmer, fractionalizes artwork and develops a Bobu Token so all community members can rule the Bobu figure in the Azuki universe. In this novel web experiment, token holders will determine Bobu’s future.


Pirate X Pirate

Pirate X Pirate is becoming one of the most remarkable non-financial technologies (NFTs) to invest in due to its captivating pirate-themed gameplay. In this NFT-controlled environment, you can embark on maritime adventures and earn rewards.

Pirate X Pirate

On this platform, there are numerous lucrative opportunities. One can even wage battle against pirates and monsters in various locations worldwide.

In addition, Pirate X Pirate maintains a gaming guild where its NFTs can be rented to other players. It increases the game’s accessibility to players.


Meta Triads

Meta Triads are a fashionista’s joy, and it includes an enticing impending NFT mint, including around 10,000 digital art pieces with additional bonuses. It has been observed that the collection includes humans, humanoids, hybrids, and their corresponding triad classifications. At the same time, the remaining exceptional NFTs will be categorized as ‘traders.’ According to data, there are allegedly a total of 2,555 Meta Triads.

Meta Triads

Its token distribution scheme is one of the most distinctive aspects of Meta Triad. Launching with a novel business strategy that will generate passive revenue for NFT owners, Meta Triads marketplace platform customers will earn $TRIA (9 TRIA) daily in return.

Meta Triads will soon increase its worth in its following phases by moving to Decentraland and Sandbox. Since the first Meta Triads coins were issued in March 2022, they can be purchased early through OpenSea to avoid missing their deadlines or after release when they become accessible on other exchanges.


Guild of Protectors

The new mobile role-playing game Guild of Guardians claims to have more than 200,000 players on the waiting list. StepicoGame is currently developing the play-to-earn game on behalf of Immutable.



As we have seen, various non-fungible tokens are currently available on the market. While some may be more popular, they all offer unique advantages that make their acquisition worthwhile. So, if you want to get some NFTs this year, review the available possibilities.

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